Wild Wild Ambient Boys

Wild Wild Ambient Boys – We don’t rock

released November 20, 2013

Hidde van Schie – strings, vocals
Jeroen S. Rozendaal – electronics

Roel van Tour – more strings on 5 & 7
Rufus Ketting – percussion on 8

recorded between 2007 and 2010 at StudioRev
mastered at Studio Sante Boutique by Ed Fonckeltoff

cover photo ‘Landscape’ by Roel van Tour
photo ‘Wild Wild Ambient Boys’ by Nick Helderman
Mathijs Labadie advising on lamps & lights
additional outfit design by Iñiy Sanchez
all of the above art either directed or selected by Rufus Ketting
Thanks to The Gun Club & The Office For Nonfiction Storytelling

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